dbx ZonePRO IP ELAN Driver


Save time and money when controlling dbx ZonePRO with ELAN!  Easy to configure and control!  Great for bars and restaurants!

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Category: SKU: ELAN-DBX-002


ELAN IP Drivers for the following dbx ZonePRO units:

  • dbx ZonePRO 1260
  • dbx ZonePRO 1261
  • dbx ZonePRO 1260m
  • dbx ZonePRO 1261m
  • dbx ZonePRO 640m
  • dbx ZonePRO 641m
Integration Notes

A single valid license key must be purchased for each ELAN Master SC Controller. Configuring the dbx ZonePRO MUST use dbx ZonePRO GUI Designer 3.2.  


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