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Social Media is just as big, if not bigger, than Google when it comes to building awareness of your brand, delivering your message, provide value and most importantly engaging with your following, customers or patients.

Custom Approach

Having every social media platform can be daunting, and sometimes unnecessary. Cinemation will help you define your demographic and the best platforms to communicate with them. Platforms are constantly evolving. Though Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are staples, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok are becoming just as influential depending on your business. Consistently posting relevant content is just as important as having your message consistent across all of your platforms. Our social media services are always custom designed to set goals and objectives to maximize your campaign results.


Brand Management

Most products and services are sold through trust. Putting faces with a business will build personal relationships with the people that matter the most; the people that support and promote your business! Each post and graphic will be designed with your specific colors and logo to make your business make more lasting impressions.


Engaging Content Generates Leads

Social media marketing is both a creative art form and a highly scientific process full of numbers, analytics and data. We create and manage profitable social media campaigns that interacts on a personalized level with your target audience. When done correctly, it will generate leads by getting your content out there and tracking who is engaging with that content. Then we generate new content focused on the engaged audience for conversions.


Pairing Content with Boosting and Advertising

The ultimate social media one-two punch is boosting the content that you have spent so much time researching and refining. With an additional investment, your posts will be shown to users based on specifications that you set. Focusing on locations, ages, genders, likes, spending habits, purchasing history, etc. will give you a much larger return than a standard advertisement. Sponsored ads appear in the newsfeed and sidebars of users based on the demographic information of your target audience. The advantage of the ad is it is designed to drive traffic to a custom designed landing page where they will be informed and encouraged to contact you directly.


Website Traffic and Search Engine Optimization

Posts and proper link building can bring your consumer base to your website to help drive traffic to relevant pages on your site, increasing traffic and allowing those pages to organically climb higher in the Search Engine Results Pages. Frequent activity and the addition of new content will naturally move your rankings on Google


Reporting and Analytics

The added bonus is that Cinemation will provide analytics to each of your social channels showing exactly how well each post performed so that we can ensure the largest return on your investment. Measuring the response on each post allows us to learn online habits from your target audience and tailor your marketing strategy to best suit them.

Engage with your following, customers or patients.

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