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Online marketing and advertising externally is essential when growing your business, but most companies forget about how they are marketing to their new and existing customers. That is just as important.

Atmosphere TV

Atmosphere is the world’s first and largest streaming TV platform made specifically for businesses. All channels have endless hours of entertaining, audio-optional TV programming, refreshed weekly. Cinemation can also add your logo, specials, events and announcements in between video clips with a frequency of your choosing. In addition, we can get vendors to advertise to pay for the service or we can sell advertising space making your cost lower, if not eliminated. This is a trendsetting experience for any business where a captive audience is present. We currently have Atmosphere TV in bars, restaurants, medical offices, dental practices, barber shops, car dealerships, auto-repair shops, veterinary clinics, pizza joints etc.

Here are some of the channels included:


Choose from hundreds of stations or create your own from millions of songs. Licensed for Business.

  • Cinemation can create your own custom commercials for your business that can rotate frequently at exact times or precise intervals.
  • Import your own playlists from Spotify, Apple Music and more.
  • Schedule your mix or station and set the correct mood throughout the day.



When researching an unfamiliar business, most people’s decisions are heavily influenced by ratings and reviews. Cinemation can assess your current reviews on social media, Google, Yelp, etc. and then devise ethical strategies to build your reviews and reputation across all platforms.


Team communication and education

Could your team improve communication? Cinemation can put together print or digital internal newsletters, informational brochures, posters or team building contest etc.


Internal signage

for your business. IF you need window wraps, posters, framed documents or company philosophies, table top signs, handouts, and anything else that can improve the communication of your services to your customers, we can make it, and make it look good.



Any kind of promotion to incentive a profitable area of your business, a new product or service, or something to get more involved in the community is fun for both your team and your customers. Cinemation can come up with a bunch of ideas and help implement a promotion to both boost business and create content for your presence online.



One way to create a buzz, and a presence, in your community is to attend or host an event. We’ve created multiple events that, when promoted properly, will gain media attention, increase interest and new business. Coming up with an idea for a great event is the first step. Knowing how to get people to attend and to attract media attention are important components to its success. Cinemation will provide you with the general idea for the event, media submission, and guidance to make the most of the event. Call us today to ask us anything dental marketing related. We’re here to help you and provide you with a road map for success.


Community Involvement

A great way to build a referral network system is to get involved with groups both online and with local chambers of commerce and other organizations. Giving back to the community contributes to your community while creating great team building exercises and again, offering more great content for your online presence.

We can help with your online marketing and advertising needs.

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