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Fresh and relevant content is essential in elevating your brand and marketing your product or service. Cinemation will add the perfect words to your vision and strategy of any type of content from websites and blog posts to press releases and social media. Everything written and created will be designed to attract attention while enhancing SEO initiatives.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of creating valuable, well-written content that attracts and engages with your target audience. The goal of content marketing is to use high-quality, valuable content to inform, engage and attract people to your brand. A digital marketing campaign is only as strong and effective as is the content that backs it. Customers want a brand that’s part of the conversation. They rely on quality content to inform them and make the decision on whether or not to invest in you. That’s why it’s so important to have a team like Cinemation develop your content marketing plan and make you the authoritative trusted resource.


What’s Included in Content Marketing Services?

Current Content Review

The first step is assessing the content you already have in place from titles and meta descriptions to social media posts, blogs and website pages.

Content Marketing Strategy

After assessing your content we will get to know your business and your objectives. We will then partner with you on understanding and learning from your existing audience to develop a strategic marketing plan to execute. Every strategy is a breathing entity and never set in stone. We will change and adapt as we move forward to always give you the right tools to succeed.

Content Creation

Content creators at Cinemation create unique, compelling copy that’s designed to engage with your audience, not speak at them. This content will also compliment the SEO requirements which, in turn, boosts your company on all levels. We believe in a research before, during and after creation to maximize its effectiveness.

Keyword Creation

Our writers research the best keywords and phrases to earn you visibility and authority. Discovering what words are currently being searched the most in your industry and then using them as part of compelling, quality content will dramatically improve the response and results.

Distribution and Promotion

You know the old saying if a tree fall in a forest and no one is there to hear it… the same applies to great content. You can have the best content in the world, but if it not seen, who cares? That’s why we help you promote your content across all digital channels efficiently and cost-effectively. We hit the internet from all sides, distributing your unique content through social media, PPC, SEM, and many other channels.

Measurement and Reporting

Like we stated earlier, be believe in research before, during and after all content created. We measure and report how well your content marketing initiatives are doing and provide monthly reporting to you. By measuring and reporting, we can learn and adapt our approach to best help your business. Additionally, you’ll learn what your Key Performance Indicators are and see what best contributes to your ROI. By actively monitoring your content’s performance we can actively improve your results.

Content is king. He just needs a kingdom, let him help you rule!

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